Ultimate Dating Secrets For Men

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Ultimate Dating Secrets For Men
by H.Bangambiki

Dating Advice for Men Lesson 1

Appearance – Clothes and shoes
A women appreciates a man who looks good or at least tries to. Women
take great care and effort of what they wear for different occasions
and also take note of guys who do the same. Clothes is THE difference
between dashing and ordinary. In addition, women do take note of
shoes. It explains why they have a whole shoe rack full of shoes.
Therefore, choose your shoes wisely too. Although different women have
different taste in choice of clothes for men, it is generally
acceptable to look neat and tidy. Here are some ways to achieve it.
1. Dressed Suitably
Formal wear are for formal occasions such as dinner in restaurants.
T-shirts and jeans are for simple date at the mall. Shorts and
singlets are for jogging in your nearby park and so on. You get the
2. Iron your clothes
Its not a very good image to portray if your clothes are crumpled and
you go out on a date. A woman will think that you are lazy and do not
place any importance on the date.
3. Do NOT wear clothes with vulgarities, sexually suggestive images or words
We know that these clothes might be your favorite as it is very cheeky
or portrays your style that you do not give a damn what’s happening
around. However, its a definite no no for dates as its rude,
insensitive and too explicit for any potential girlfriends/wives to
take it.
4. Go for well known , respected brands
We do not want you to show off. However, it is always nice to wear
something that lets you get noticed by your date. If branded stuff is
not your thing, at least get a simple respected brand that do not
portray you as a cheapskate.
5. Ask another women for opinion
Lets face it. Man are pretty hopeless at fashion. That’s why we hate
shopping.(The clothes look the same anyway) To understand what is
appropriate, what is nice on you, it is always good to get a female’s
opinion. After all, your date is another female and it is your date
that is going to judge you on your date.

Dating Advice for Men Lesson2

Appearance – General
Not every man is born tall dark and handsome. In fact most are not.
However, by looking presentable, every man can still capture the
attention of their date. Here are some tips to look nice and
1. Shave before going out
No women will like the look of a rough beard or moustache sticking out
from your face. Although there are the odd few who finds it sexy,
chances are its better to look clean shaven and tidy. It gives a
better positive image of a person who cares about the date and who
takes care of oneself.

2. Bathe often
It not our fault that men have larger sweat glands neither is it our
fault that men enjoy sports that makes us soak in sweat. However, it
could be our fault if we do not shower frequently. Every woman likes
his man to smell nice and look clean. So if you’re the type that sweat
easily, be prepared to shower more, especially before meeting your
3. Get your cologne, aftershave out
Cologne and aftershaves are not for Gays. In fact, women find men who
smell nice masculine. Just like bathing often, its also important to
smell nice. After all, you do not want to spoil your first kiss with
your date just because you smell awful.
4. Smile often
A smile helps to lessen the tension, projects a lively and positive
image and best of all, a person always looks the best when you’re
smiling. We should always be smiling as we never know who is in love
with your smile. Therefore practice smiling now if you are going out
on a date soon!
5. Do not slouch
Slouching gives a bad impression of a person that is not confident,
weak and no sense of security. Therefore, do what your mum always tell
you. Stand straight and be proud of your height.

Dating Advice for Men Lesson 3

Confidence and Success
A confident man is a good looking man. Brad pitt can wear a skirt and
yet look macho. However, confidence stems from success. Success in
doing whatever you do impresses girls. Woman love a man who knows what
they want and what they have done. The more difficult it is to achieve
the success, the more impressed the girl. Here are some tips to show
your confidence and success.
1. Know your goals
Women loves a man with direction. It gives them a sense of security.
Even if you do not have much success in your goals, knowing your goals
and letting her know that is the sign of a man who is clear and far
sighted. Therefore, if you do not have goals up till now, its time to
start thinking.
2. Be yourself
Everybody should be proud of themselves. It says a lot about your
confidence. If you’re a goofy character, just be one in front of her
instead of trying to be somebody else. A women will love you for what
your are and not what you try to be.
3. Take Risks, Break rules
Everybody admires risk taker. This includes women. A risk taker is
seen as brave and charming as they are doing stuff ordinary people
dare not do. This includes breaking conventional rules. It explains
why bad boys often attract the best lookers out there.
4. Be knowledgeable
A knowledgeable man is seen as a confident man. A man who speaks
wisdom with his every word is deem more successful then a man who
craps a lot. So start ordering your newspapers and newsweek magazines
now if you have not done so.

Dating Advice for Men Lesson 4

There’s a proper way to behave in front of ladies. It is never nice to
let women see the rough side of you especially on your first date.
Behavior shows your character and whether your relationship can carry
on. It is a further step forward after first impressions.
1. Do be chivalrous
Its the 21st century. No doubt that men and women have equal rights.
However, there’s nothing wrong to continue showing chivalry to women.
Opening doors, helping to carry shopping bags, sending her home are
all basic courtesy that is on the decline. However, women still loved
to be pampered and there’s nothing wrong with that. Stick with the
ancient code of being a gentleman and you’ll never be wrong.
2. Do treat women with respect
Do not ever make sexist or insensitive comments about women. Do not
swear and curse when at the waiters just because they give bad
service. Listen when your date talks and talk when she stops talking.
Treat her properly and chances are you’ll leave a lasting impression.
3. Do maintain eye contact
Eye contact is very important to show that you’re interested in
whatever she’s talking. Its extremely disgusting if your date is
talking and you are distracted by the chick that just walked by.
However, its also important not to stare at her especially if you’ve
just met her as it gives the impression that you are a pervert that is
following her every action.
4. Don’t get drunk in front of her
Being able to hold your liquor well equates to being strong in front
of your mates. However, it is directly the opposite with women. Women
hate drunkards as they are rowdy, noisy and totally obnoxious. They
are a complete turnoff. Therefore, if possible, drink less if you’re
out on a date. Best of all, don’t drink.
5. Don’t get touchy too quickly
When you touch a woman, it breaks down their self defense and they
will only allow this when they feel totally at ease and attracted to
you. Therefore, unless she touches you or you feel totally at ease
with her and that she’s attracted to you. Do not touch her too quickly
as she might think you only want sex

Dating Advice for Men Lesson 5

Conversation – what to say and take note
Its always important to say the right things and things that will
impress. Its also tremendously important not to say stupid things
which may offend your date. You also do not want to bore your date by
talking about things she totally cannot relate to. These are some
things that you can mention or should take note while striking a
1. Be open minded
Do not show extremism towards subjects that your date talks about. It
might just be something that she cares a lot about. Do not make any
crude remarks on anything she says for the same reason. You do not
want to leave a bad impression so fast.
2. Talk about common topics
Its a very common tip but its one of the most difficult to master. Man
will naturally like to talk about themselves and their interests.
However, there’s no harm in talking about something in which your date
has a huge passion for and you find it boring. There is also no harm
talking about hot topics that she might be interested in. If you
really are clueless about what to talk to her about, do some research
beforehand on what to say. Her friends and appearance are good
resources to start from.
3. Compliment and talk about her dressing
As mentioned in Lesson #1, women take great care of their dressing and
man should therefore take notice of what women wear and compliment
them. However, compliment her casually as you do not want her to think
that you’re totally captivated by her. You can follow up on her
dressing by asking where she bought it and how much it cost. It helps
her to feel important.
4. Joke
The sure way to succeed is always humor as women relates witty guys to
not boring. No women likes boring guys no matter how good the
impression he makes. Jokes can liven the atmosphere and creates a good
impression for you.
5. Don’t talk about sports, politics or other male gender dominated
topics unless she is interested in them too
Men love their sports. Sports competitiveness brings out the
excitement and happiness of men. However, most women know nuts about
sports. Its no use telling your date about Michael Jordon’s glorious
history when she is more interested in the cute boyish basketballer on
the court. Therefore, unless you want to talk about how cute that
basketballer is, steer clear of sports. The same rule applies for
other male gender dominated topics.
6. Lastly, Listen
Its no coincidence that women talks much more then men per day. Women
love to talk and let their opinions be known. Therefore, its important
to listen and appreciate what she says instead of talking all the
time. It makes your date feels important.

by H.Bangambiki

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